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Lets walk to support the underprivileged with higher education.

Top Dreamers

Name Amount
Chintan Mehta $150,000.00
Mahesh Wadher $150,000.00
Tarang Shah $50,000.00
Kirit Daftary $50,000.00
Satish Sheth $50,000.00

Top Centers

Place Amount
Long Island $11,161.00
Austin $5,500.00
LA Youth Group $3,252.00
Indianapolis $2,200.00
Parsippany $1,000.00

Top Fundraisers

Name Amount
Mahesh Wadher $228,300.00
Chintan Mehta $60,952.00
Satish Sheth $52,898.00
Kirit Daftary $17,750.00
Austin Raj Parivar $16,601.00

Top Sponsors

Name Amount
Sarva Mangal Trust $50,000
Tarsadia Foundation $50,000
Anonymous $50,000
Media Singapore $25,000
Westpoint Home $5,000
Gabriel Victor $5,000
Chintan Mehta $5,000
Affiliated Hospitalists $5,000
Yogesh & Sangita Shah $5,000
Arizona Home Care $5,000
RDI USA Inc. $5,000
Royal Pacific Corp $3,000
Parag Mehta $2,500
Ray Grainger $2,500
Cardiovascular Consultants $2,500
Vally Surgical Clinics $2,500

About Love and Care Walk About Us

Love and Care is a global movement promoting the betterment of humanity by creating a transformation within and spreading that joy to the world around.
Not because 'I have to', or 'it is my duty', but because 'I love to'. Not donating out of pity, but an expression of care.

Love and Care Walk, is a 5k charity fund-raising walk. The vision is to hold this event annually as an opportunity to raise funds for benevolent causes that fall within the umbrella of the Love and Care program. This year the Love and Care walk will take place in the serene backdrop of the natural beauty of Icy Strait Point, Alaska on June 27th, 2016. The event is expected to draw over 900 participants from not only the United States, but from many other parts of the world, from all corners of the society, young and young-at-heart, to uphold.

Come, join and learn about our projects, get involved in the causes we support. Bring a friend and family members to have a fun time together while joining us in supporting an educational platform to empower underprivileged youth.